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Participation and Qualifying to Join

What does it mean to be in the TRIO SSS Program?

When you join the Program, you are assigned a TRIO Advisor who will be your go-to person the whole time you are working on your degree at PCC. They work with a small number of students each year (about 70), and will help you with:

  • Academic Advising (degree and university transfer planning)
    • Doesn’t matter what your major is – they’ll help you prepare for wherever you’re headed to next!
  • Making connections
    • To resources that are available at PCC and in the community, like Career Exploration, Disability Services, and Counseling
    • With other Students, Faculty, and Staff

You will take three Tuition-FREE College Success & Career Guidance (CG) courses (7 credits total) 

  • The courses are taken one at a time, starting with Study Skills. They are transferrable and are great elective credits!
  • CG 111B: Study Skills (2cr)
    • Students applying during Spring and Summer 2021 will start with this course Fall 2021!
  • CG 105 + WR 105: College Writing for Scholarships (4cr)
  • CG 114: Financial Survival (1cr)

You can use Math & Writing Tutoring hours that are just for TRIO SSS Students

You can get ongoing guidance about your Financial Aid and applying for Scholarships

You will be added to an email list so that information can be shared with you about Resources, Student Activities, and Volunteer Opportunities 

You could join our Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success or take advantage of other opportunities to get involved with your peers!

When we are on campus:

  • You can use the TRIO Corner, a space for studying, tutoring, access to computers and printing
  • You will be invited to visit transfer schools with other students from the Program


How does a student qualify to join the TRIO Student Support Services Program?
Students who can join TRIO:
  • Are eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid and meet *at least one* Federal Guideline:
    • Eligible for Federal Grants like the Pell Grant (based on income level)
    • Identify as being a First-Generation college student (parent/guardian(s) do not have a Bachelors degree or higher)
    • Eligible to receive accommodations through PCC Disability Services for a documented disability
  • Plan to enroll in at least six credits per term; at least 18 per year
  • Could attend some classes, appointments, and events on Cascade Campus (when campuses reopen)
  • Are working on their first college degree (have earned HS diploma, GED®, or equivalent)
  • Meet our Academic Guideline because they are still working on completing *at least one* of the following courses:
    • Reading 90 or 115
    • Writing 90 or 115
    • Math 20, 58, 60, 65, 70, 95, 98, 105 or 111
    • ESOL 260 – 264 (Level 8)

I want to apply!

We are always accepting applications for TRIO! If you are ready to become a TRIO student, please fill out our application. When you are finished, make sure to schedule your follow-up appointment.

If you have questions, please reach out to our Program Assistant! Contact Liz Bernunzio

We look forward to meeting you!