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Call Centers

PCC IT offers “Call Centers” – basic Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – services for College departments and groups that require an efficient method of managing large numbers of incoming calls placed to one or more incoming PCC phone numbers. The ACD processes incoming calls on a first come, first served basis. The system answers each call immediately and can play a standard greeting, present a caller menu, and if necessary, holds it in a queue for the next available staff member.  College departments that currently leverage this service include the IT Service Desk, Student Helpdesk, and Student Services.  Additional licensing and cost may be required for setup and ongoing management depending on a department’s needs.


  • Calls held in queue for next available representative
  • Supervisor-level monitoring and reporting
  • Programable open and close schedules

Service Availability: 24/7

Service Owner: Infrastructure and Voice Services

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Employees, Faculty

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