VPN / Remote Access

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides remote access by using a public network to securely connect remote sites or users together. Our VPN uses virtual connections routed through the Internet to connect PCC’s private network to your remote location.

PCC system administrators who are working off-campus can securely connect to the same network resources they use on campus by using a PCC VPN account.

A VPN is used at PCC primarily for systems administrators and specific vendors to manage systems remotely.

You can connect to your on-campus computer through the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) (Windows/Mac) or SSH (Linux) protocols within a VPN to access your office computer’s files.

How is this different than Network File Access?
Network File Access enables you to access department (H:) drive while off campus. It is different than a VPN account because you are only accessing one service while VPN provides access to multiple services.

Network File Access does not require a special account. Go to the MyPCC Employee tab and look for the Network File Access link in the Tools section. You can access all the files and folders you have permissions to view.

Request an account for vendors and non-PCC guests
A PCC manager sponsoring a vendor or guest may request VPN access by requesting affiliate access for their guest.

Request an account for PCC employees
To request a VPN account for yourself or a guest, complete the: VPN Remote Access Request Form and Confidentiality Agreement.

Security is your responsibility
When you work remotely, you need to assess your environment and keep your business and personal computer use separate. You also need to protect the computer you are using to access PCC resources. Keep your account protected to at least the same level as your work computer.

You are responsible for abiding by all policies and standards related to PCC information.