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Rock the Bike’s Fender Blender

The Rock Creek campus currently has two Fender Blender Bikes that were purchased with money from The Green Initiative Fund in 2008. The bike is stationary with a blender attached to the front that churns when the wheels are in motion. The process is simple: you pick out your ingredients, throw them in the blender and pedal. The bike also has a Pedal Power Utility Box, which allows you to generate power to play music while you spin.

The company, Rock the Bike, is a San Francisco based company founded by Paul Freedman in 2003 though the Fender Blender was not created until 2007. Freedman created it as a way to show people how their pedal power could be used for practical purposes. Learn more about Rock the Bike.

School Events

Interested in using a blender bike for your PCC-associated event? There are currently two on campus: one is located in the Social Science, Communication and Health Division break room in Building 5 and there is a second bike located in ASPCC storage. For more information, contact: Elaine Cole, Sustainability Coordinator.

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