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Rock Creek Green Team

Comprised of staff, students and faculty, this group of dedicated people are the champions of sustainability at the Rock Creek campus. Functionally serving as an advisory committee to the Sustainability Office, this group has strategic influence on department level sustainable practices, information dissemination and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP), as well as serving as contacts for campus-wide initiatives and education.  It is this group of sustainability promoters that keep us going!

Get Involved

We always welcome interested folks!  We usually meet once per quarter over lunch. Please contact The Sustainability Coordinator to learn more.

Our Programs

The Green Team always has something going on.  Here are a few of our programs:

Green Office Certification
Green up and get your office certified!
Information and Education
Green Team members share their knowledge about departmental practices to help foster behavior changes related to sustainable practices on campus.  Office composting, energy conservation, dealing with hard to recycle items, purchasing decision making and general information … the Green Team is ready to help.
Campus Activities
Take a look at some of our recent doings:
PoppieUpcycled crownPledge to power off computer and printerUpcycled crownMeetingUpcycled crowns