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Project Power Shift

Project Power Shift!

This collaborative effort between IT and Sustainability reduces energy consumption at the college by powering down faculty and staff computers on campus every night at 11pm. This shut down is automatic – so you don’t need to do anything.

Project Powershift is part of the college’s Strategic Energy Management efforts and helps PCC meet its sustainability goals. While this change has the potential to save the College upwards of $80,000 annually, the greater focus is on our responsibility to make sustainable use of limited resources, both natural and financial, to better serve our students and community while protecting future generations.

To increase the benefits of Project Power Shift, you can shut down your computer and turn off the monitors when you leave work at the end of the day! But, make sure to leave the power strip your computer is plugged into turned on so you receive updates.

As a reminder, to ensure that this effort results in only positive effects and doesn’t interfere with anyone’s work, we’re asking for your help with a few things:

  • Save your work and close any open programs before you leave for the day.
  • Shut your computer down before you leave each day. The earlier computers shut down, the more we will save.
  • Submit an exemption request if you regularly work past 11pm, remote-in to your work computer from home, or need to leave programs running on your computer overnight.

If you have questions, you can view our Administrative Shutdown Initiative FAQ page.

If you would like to request an exception be put in place for your workstation so that it does not automatically shut down at night, please fill out the Exemption Request Form.

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