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District Student Council

District Student Council: Your Student Voice

The District Student Council‘s mission is to uplift all Portland Community College Students.

The DSC commits itself to diversity as it relates to awareness, education, and practice at every level of our organization. The DSC embraces people of all backgrounds, including but not limited to ethnicity, culture, race, sex, gender (identity and expression), class, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, learning style, and political perspective. We believe our core values are strengthened when all students have voice and representation. The resulting inclusive organizational climate promotes the development of broad-minded members of Portland Community College who make positive contributions to their local and global communities.

DSC students


  1. Equity: Promote equity & inclusion
  2. Leadership: Build leadership capacity for students
  3. Community: Facilitate community on campus
  4. Growth: Foster the growth of students
  5. Sustainability: Nurture environmental stewardship and accountability to future generations