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DSC Legislative Internship/Denise Frisbee Legislative Internship Programs

Portland Community College has opportunities to apply for two legislative internship programs for 2020-2021.  To apply for one or both of these positions, please find the application below.  

District Student Council (DSC) Legislative Internship

The Portland Community College Legislative Internship is a unique opportunity funded through student activity fees.  Students will intern with legislators in Salem, learn about the legislative process, and represent the diverse student population of PCC.

We are looking for students, regardless of personal or political ideology, to represent PCC and its diverse student population. Those students will receive a tuition waiver for the internship class in the 2020 Winter term, as well as a stipend to assist with costs related to the experience.

Denise Frisbee Legislative Internship Program

The Denise Frisbee Legislative Internship program is an opportunity for PCC students to experience the inner workings of a government relations office in a major educational institution. It will allow students to learn about advocacy and public policy, as they will have the chance to work with the Government Relations Director and staff to sharpen their professional and interpersonal skills and learn about the legislative process. The interns will help organize online events with legislators and advocate for community colleges. Only with our voices banded together can we pass the policies that help our college succeed. If selected, students will learn about how laws and budgets are passed in Oregon. If you’ve ever wanted to work in politics, if you’ve ever wanted to create change, and if working hard is how you learn— this is the gig for you.  Interns will be expected to conduct themselves with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.


Are you interested?

Complete the application!

Applications are due: Tuesday, November 17th by 11:59pm

Students will commit to attending classroom lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm-3:50pm from January 5th to the 26th, as well as attending (virtually) Oregon Legislative Days in Salem (TBD).

Students are expected to secure their own placement in a legislative office no later than January 13th (help and resources will be available). We expect students will maintain contact with us and meet all required deadlines. Interns will begin virtual work beginning in February and intern on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 5pm through the end of the Legislative Session.  

Expectations, procedures, legislative process, and many other helpful and supportive information will be discussed during the lecture class.

This program has had incredible success! Students thrived in the cohort experience and gained immeasurable skills working directly with legislators. This is an amazing opportunity to make a lasting impact on lawmakers and to continue PCC’s mission in creating access for all to higher education.

What do previous interns think?

“There is nothing like seeing government in action for yourself: being there when a constituent meets with a Representative, witnessing a committee hearing, being on the House floor when votes are taken- these experiences demystify the process of government. This type of internship at the very least helps the participant become a better informed citizen, and I believe programs like these are crucial to groom the activists and leaders of tomorrow.”Nicole Cathcart

“The opportunity to work with State Senator Chip Shields and his amazing office staff; Amanda Hess and Justin Boro, gave me a hands on experience to engage the political process as well as learn more about how our State Government functions. I am thankful that PCC helped to create this amazing experience.”Tony Funchess

“This has been the best opportunity of my life. I have learned so many things and met so many great people, and it is definitely not an experience I will forget. It’s not often that people get excited about getting up at 5:30 in the morning to go to a desk job, but it has been so enjoyable that I’m willing to give up as much sleep as possible to be involved in such an opportunity.”Lexi Bass

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