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Club Meetings

Running Your Club Meetings Remotely

Events and meetings: Student club meetings and other virtual events can be posted on Pantherhub.

Meetings are held to coordinate and sustain activity within an organization. Organization leadership should meet and decide how meetings should be structured. Will there be an agenda? Will someone take minutes? Is it a business meeting or a social gathering? Do not overburden members with many meetings, they are busy students just like you.

  1. Pick a day and time to have your meetings. Keep it consistent. If you are unsure of when to schedule meetings, think about asking current club members and checking in with your Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator. Meetings are more successful when they are scheduled at the same time and location for the entire term. Make sure your meetings are scheduled at the beginning of each academic term and publicize them! For example, every Tuesday from 2-3pm on Zoom.
  2. Create a Zoom link for your meetings. For more information and help with Zoom meetings, please see PCC’s Zoom guide.
  3. Create an event in PantherHub advertising your meetings (See the “PantherHub” section for instructions on how to do this).
  4. Email pcc-clubs@pcc.edu letting them know the day and time of your meetings.
Your First Club Meeting
  • Introduce yourself!
  • Have folks introduce themselves (name, pronouns, a fun fact about them, the degree/major they are working towards).
  • Ask members what they want to do during these meetings and what they would like to get out of the club.
  • Share some of your ideas and visions for the club.
  • Remind folks to join the club’s PantherHub page.
  • Remind folks when the next club meeting will be.
Meeting Expectations and Procedures
  • Practice hosting a Zoom meeting if you are not familiar with it.
  • Prior to the meeting let members know when, where, and how long the meeting will be.
  • Define the goals and objectives of the meeting clearly for everyone. Make sure you have prepared an agenda!
  • Designate a person to take minutes.
  • Be prepared to assign and accept tasks as delegated. Delegate responsibilities accordingly and be clear when establishing deadlines.
  • Begin on time!
  • Encourage brief discussion and be creative.
  • Clarify how decisions are made so that everyone understands.
  • Be prepared, effective, and supportive.
  • Take sure your meetings are effective and organized by being punctual, dependable, and organized! Communicate and work with the club advisor to develop an agenda or focus list for each group meeting.
Sample Agenda

The Awesme Club Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, April 13, 2020, 5-6pm, via Zoom


  • Call to Order and Roll Call: This section is run by the club coordinator or president. Usually, this person is a neutral party and simply facilitates the meeting. However, it is up to your club to decide how to facilitate the meeting!
  • Approval of Agenda: One member of the team (excluding the facilitator) must motion to approve or not approve the item. Another team member must second the motion. Motions are passed with group consensus by a show of fingers. If no one objects or strongly objects then the motion is passed. If a motion is not passed the group can choose to move into discussion and repeat the voting process.
  • Approval of Minutes: Same process as above
  • Introduction of Guests

Reports: This section is for you to report on what you have worked on since the previous meeting. For example, a report for a club member working on a clothing drive.

  • President
  • Officers
  • Advisor
  • Members

New Business: This section is for discussing items that are new to the group. If you have an idea you would like to discuss with the group, let the person who facilitates and compiles your agenda know prior to the meeting. Please include notes for this discussion in your weekly typed report. Have a description or tentative plan for the event to be included in the meeting minutes. The group will discuss the event or item.

  • Awesome Club Event #1: lecture title “How To Be Awesome”
  • Awesome Club Person of the Decade – Chad

Old Business: This section has the same process as above. However, instead of discussing new business, items from the previous week’s agenda will be discussed if necessary. This is a good chance for your club to catch up on topics that you may have not had enough time to discuss previously.

  • Club Fair
  • DCC Club Event: “The Social Network”

Announcements and Reminders: This section is for general announcements and reminders for the group. If you have an announcement for the group, email it to the meeting facilitator, or the person who compiles the agendas prior to the start of the meeting. Please include your announcement on you typed report to ensure accurate meeting minutes.


After The Meeting: Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes! They’re important! It is important to record the business and decisions your club makes. This will help you with transitions for new leadership, keep accurate records and track what members are doing, provide information to people who cannot attend a meeting, and provide historical context from year to year! After a meeting, review and revise your meeting minutes and send it to all interested parties. It is very important that you get your meeting minutes out in a timely fashion, before your next scheduled meeting. Send them out electronically and post them online in the PantherHub documents section.