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What is Re-Registering?

In order for a club to be recognized at PCC, the club must charter or “register”. Chartering is another way to say starting or forming a club.

  • All returning clubs must re-register in Pantherhub
    • Please follow the instructions below to complete your re-registration. 
    • To be considered a returning club, the club must have been officially registered through Student Life & Leadership in the past two (2) academic years. 

Please note: No new student clubs will be registered at this time.

How to Re-charter Your Club in PantherHub

You will follow these steps if you are renewing a club that was active during the last academic year. 

  1. Sign in to PantherHub 
  2. Choose “Organizations” in the top left corner of your screen 
  3. Click on “Register an Organization” 
  4. Find your club in the list provided, or search for your club, and choose “re-register”
  5. Review the information and make sure it is correct, update where needed 7. Step Two: Make sure you are listed as the “student coordinator,” and that your advisor is listed as the “organization advisor”
  6. Update profile picture, if needed 
  7. “Submit” your club charter renewal request 

You will receive a notification in PantherHub if your club renewal is approved or denied, within 72 hours. Once your club is approved, the Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator will send you an email with additional information about club processes.

Example of a Club Constitution

(Club Name) Constitution
  1. Article I Organization Name: (Include acronym if used)
  2. Article II Purpose: (Organizations may have multiple purposes. Please list the clubs essential purposes)
  3. Article III Membership: (This section must include a sentence stating that the club does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, sex, gender identity, affectional/sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, height/weight ratio or disability).
  4. Article IV Dues: (Omit if none)
  5. Article V Club Coordinator: (Organizations need to have at least one Student Club Coordinator. Please note that position responsibilities for each student officer position should also be outlined in this section or in associated bylaws and not the names of current officers.)
  6. Article VI Meetings: (Explain how often regular and/or special meetings may be held and any special locations. For example, if the club plans to meet in the Gym, Theater, etc…)
  7. Article VII By-laws: (Bylaws define the articles of a constitution.  This section should describe the process required to establish new bylaws or to revise established ones. If there are no bylaws you can state that bylaws should be established by a majority of club membership)
  8. Article VIII Abandonment: Club funds shall remain in the (your clubs name here) Club account for a period of two years after its abandonment.  If after two years, the club does not continue on an active basis, all funds shall be forwarded to ASPCC Sylvania

A copy of revised constitutions should be submitted to the Club Advisor as soon changes are made by the club membership.