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Parent/Guardian Scholarship

Student Leadership offers a Student-Parent Scholarship to students with children 5 years or younger. We accept applications in the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. The scholarship is unavailable during Summer term.

It is recommended that applicants meet the following guidelines:

  1. Have a child that is 10 years or younger.*
  2. Be in Good Academic Standing.
  3. Be currently enrolled in at least 6 credits.
  4. Completed at least 6-credits in the past year at PCC.**

*Exceptions may be considered for children who require additional care.

**ABE, GED, and ESOL students are encouraged to apply.

The application will be available here the first week of Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

Learn more about theĀ child care options at PCC.

If you have questions about the Student-Parent Scholarship, please email us at aspcc-student-parent-scholarship-group@pcc.edu.