Student representation request

Portland Community College’s academic and student affairs policies have a significant impact on students’ experiences at PCC and are crucial to the College’s retention and completion goals. To provide the administration, faculty, and staff with their viewpoint, it is important for students to contribute to policy making. In addition to providing important input for the College, participation in the policy-making process provides students with invaluable learning experiences.

Therefore, in accordance with policy S705 any entity that recommends, formulates, or reviews academic or student affairs policies that impact the entire district is required to have student representation. The level of participation for the student representative is governed by the entities’ governing rules. These entities are to contact the DSC to request student representation.

Entities that address issues or topics not related to academic or student affairs at a district level are not covered by S705. However, ASPCC strongly encourages these entities to include student representation.

Campus entities that do not have governing rules regarding student representation are also encouraged to include a student voice.

To meet the requirements outlined in S705, and to facilitate entities not covered, entities are requested to fill out the designated form online, contact the DSC Vice Chair, or the respective campus student body president.

For questions regarding district entities please contact the DSC Vice Chair; for questions regarding a campus specific entity, please contact the respective campus student government president.

Students who are interested in serving on a PCC Committee or other entity that recommends, formulates, or reviews policies please contact the district or campus representative.

Request a student representative