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Why strategic planning is critical

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With the many factors facing higher education, having a blueprint for the future and an agreed set of priorities is more critical than ever. Environmental conditions in the city of Portland are rapidly accelerating and, as a result, are impacting the PCC learning community and mission. These include income disparity, urban displacement, food insecurity, congested transportation, affordable housing, and cost of living.

Higher education will fundamentally change during the life of this strategic plan, from the role of technology, delivery, accessibility, and the role and value that culture places upon higher education. As the college responds to shifting demographics and changing enrollment patterns, it will need to respond with stronger funding mechanisms, including improving retention and recruitment systems and other revenue sources.

By developing robust and bold plans for the future, PCC is committing to preparing for the future of education while working to close opportunity gaps for historically underserved students. PCC staff and faculty are collaborating across the college to bring the strategic plan to fruition and implement structural changes and holistic student-centered support systems.