Instructor's image with Qom Indigenous school children in ArgentinaRosario, Argentina

Tuba Kayaarasi | Part-time Geography Instructor


“Breathing connects you with the world. You share the same breath of life, same air with all humanity. You are connected with everyone through an invisible medium: you share the same breath with animals, birds, fish, plants-the entire universe. How wonderful that we are all connected through our breathing. Air knows no barriers, no boundaries, no distinction, no separation.”(Satish Kumar, 2002:22)

I am a human geographer interested in cultural geography and feminist political ecology. My regional focus is Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. I am teaching various human geography courses at PCC Sylvania and Cascade campuses, including GEO 105: Human Geography, GEO 250: Geography of Africa, GEO 215: Geography of Latin America, GEO 212: Geography of Global Issues, and GEO 106: World Regional Geography. I worked at the Immigrant and Refugee Communities Organization (IRCO) as an instructor and program coordinator. The focus of my work at IRCO for the last nine years was to teach basic literacy and cultural adaptation skills to newly arrived refugees and immigrants, especially women from Africa, Asia, Central America, and the Middle East.