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About the Instructor: Teresa Marcel

– at home with color, at home with yourself
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Studying and working with color has been a central part of my life for at least four decades. Over that time, the main question I’ve come back to is: what makes some colors work well together and others not? So I spent the last decade investigating this and came up with a color concept that answers this question: color resonance. When colors resonate with each other, with us, with our lives, within a design and in our homes, there is a felt sense of harmony and completeness. I share the secret of how to achieve this in my color classes.

• 30+ years as color psychologist, consultant and specialist.
• Teacher & trainer – from graduate level university courses to community education, and professional organizations.

• Student of color in nature, fibers, fashion, design.
• Color consultant in fashion and interiors.
• Color as a communication tool.
• Creator of Resonance Color – a method for creating fabulous color combinations.

• BA in languages & literature – Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA.
• MA in communications – University of Denver, Denver, CO.
• Diploma in psychotherapeutic counseling – ReVision, London, UK.
• Trained in 3 different personal color consulting methods.

For more details about Color Resonance, check out my personal website at www.ResonanceColor.com