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About Shannon

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The PNW is my base station.  I grew up in Oregon and Washington and graduated with a Bachelors in Architecture from the University of Oregon. I then spent nearly twenty years away, working on buildings, in London, Hong Kong, and New York City.  I returned to the region in 2006 and settled in Portland. I began my teaching career at PCC in 2007.  The Construction Management program at PCC has been my project ever since. Our students in  Building Construction Technology are an amazing group of people.  I work with an amazing group of talented colleagues.  Amazing teachers and staff.  We help the future leaders of our industry gain valuable skills to transform our environment for the better.  We support a diverse group of like-minded folks.  People who want to work on projects.  People who know that a building is a team effort.  People who want to be part of solutions that matter. Housing. Libraries. Schools. Waste Treatment Facilities. Airports and Roads.  Homes for families.  Our graduates build these, and I love building.  If you do too, come join us.


Note to Students:  The courses listed below are automatically generated by the PCC computer system.  PLEASE meet with our advisor before registering for classes in our programs.  We can help you select the appropriate 1st year and 2nd year courses, and help you develop a learning plan for your time here at PCC.  Email our advisor Suzanne Najafdari for an appointment.  suzanne.najafdari@pcc.edu