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My instructional career started when I was working for the Continuous Breakthroughs team of Carnahan, Smith & Gunter (CSG, Inc.). They are a group of extraordinary business coaches. Among their course offerings is a leadership course. I began by assisting in this course and moved on to delivering many of the distinctions of the course. At the same time, I became a team leader in Dale Carnegie.

After leaving CSG, Inc., I went to work at Productivity Point International, a computer training company. It was there that I continued to develop my knowledge base and instructional skills. At PPI I taught a wide range of applications including, but not limited to, the entire MS Office Suite, Frontpage, Project as well as Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, ACT. I became to the person management would call on if they needed a quality instructional job done on a new application with a short turnaround. While at PPI, I obtained my Microsoft Certified Trainer certification.

After PPI closed in January of 2000, I chose to start my own business, Amalgamotion, a web development and hosting company.  As soon as I started my own business, I was offered the opportunity to teach at Intel (MS Office, Project), Nike (Macromedia, MS Project, Photoshop), PCC (Frontpage, Intro to computers, Macromedia Suite), PPS (Macromedia, MS Project) as well as many others.

Late in 2002, I was offered a long term contract with PPS to teach, develop e-Learning modules and write instructional manuals for their new Java/Oracle student information system, eSIS. This project was a great learning opportunity. It’s gave me the opportunity to increase my skills in Flash and technical writing. After the eSIS project ended, the CIO of PPS recommended me to the another school district in Oregon. I taught eSIS to administrators and teachers throughout that district.

I became a full-time faculty member at Cascade campus of Portland Community College in 2014 teaching in Web Design and Development.