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Hi! Welcome to my faculty homepage!

I’m Patrick Tangredi.

I teach TA 101 (Theatre Appreciation), TA 141 (Fundamentals of Acting),  TA 241 Intermediate Acting and I direct 2-3 theatre productions (TA 180) at PCC each year.

I’ve been an actor, director, playwright for over 30 years.  I’ve learned to be able to whatever else was needed for 30+ years, and that’s a lot of how we approach theatre training at PCC, we try to offer our students the most rounded experience possible.  I serve as the chair of the Theatre Arts Program as well.

I’m a father, own two awesome cats, earned a Masters degree in Directing for Theatre, I throw boomerangs and I keep bees.

Our philosophy at PCC Theatre is to attract students who range in theatre experience from “Zero” to “Plenty” and give them opportunities to grow from there.
We’re collaborative, we produce brilliant works, and we have many alumnae who are highly respected in theatres across Portland, the US and internationally!
Come join us, if for a class, a production, or a long stay!

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