Pain Relief and Management Through Gentle Yoga

Maureen Maclise, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

As a registered yoga therapist Maureen has helped those perplexed by their physical pain find relief. She has a deep fluency in using movement as a therapeutic tool. By connecting brain and body through functional movement principles, mindfulness, and traditional yoga postures Maureen facilitates each student’s discovery of their own optimal movement. Lessening symptoms of pain, overuse, burnout, autoimmune flares requires a combination of healthy self- challenge with excellent self-care.

Welcome! For our Summer 2022 online classes it is necessary for each student to gather:
  • a yoga “sticky” mat (necessary for both mat and chair classes)
  • a small throw pillow
  • a blanket
  • a block (the one shown is cork but a foam block is preferable – the blanket or pillow can be a substitute for this)
  • a strap preferably with buckle (a belt, robe tie, or long scarf can substitute)
  • a chair (necessary for chair yoga and sometimes used as a prop in the mat classes)
  • wall space (just enough to stand with back against)

Props used in Pain Relief Yoga Classes