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Great to Meet You!

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e-mail: Jonathan.wherry@pcc.edu
Phone: 971-722-7691
Office: Building 2, Room 244 B
Department Chair for Mathematics at PCC Rock Creek

Teaching Philosophy

I believe in active learning. By making your own connections to the material, you will retain the material much better than just watching me do the problems. ALC is an excellent example of this, having students work through topics that best serve them with me acting as a guide as needed.

My typical Math classes use guided notes/lecture packets. Problems are often done with the help of neighbors and then the results are shared as a class. My favorite part of teaching is when students get involved in the educational process. While I do not take daily attendance, I do not post completed lecture notes and it can be hard to make up missed material on your own.

I am quick to respond to student e-mails and discussion posts on D2L, and I am happy to help when I can!

Consider taking an ALC MTH class!

You can take an ALC class before, or at the same time, as your math class! ALC classes will help you prepare for MTH 20, 58, 60, 65, 70, 95, 111 or 243, OR taking an ALC MTH class will help you be successful in any of these classes! In an ALC MTH class you’ll be working on the specific skills you need to rock your math class! ALC classes can be found under Alternative Learning Courses in the schedule! I often teach the ALC class for Statistics, and I would be happy to have you join us.