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Spring Art + Business Showcase

Spring Art + Business Showcase

Day/Time: Friday, June 11, 7:00 PM PST

Location:  Zoom:  https://portlandcc.zoom.us/j/93906373625


I have been taking the Art and Business class this spring to develop a plan to sell customized dog sweaters! The workshop is nearing completion, and we are having a “showcase” next Friday, the 11th, at 7pm to show off our hard work. It would mean SO MUCH if you could virtually stop by!


Sweaters for your Sweetie
Our love of textiles has brought us together–my mom and I are working on setting up an online shop for custom sweaters for your 4-legged friend! These one-of-a-kind crocheted sweaters can be added to not only your pooches wardrobe, but bunnies, cats, goats–all of your pals!
During the opening on Friday, June 11th, a brief presentation will be given about this burgeoning business. Here are a few notes about the sweaters before the showcase:
  • Below you will find images, including the famous dog model Grandma, and current options available.
  • We are offering two color options: single color, or stripes; and we have 20-colors to chose from!
  • Sweaters can be customized to suit your pal, and options include adding ruffle, a bow, or lace.
  • To make an order, we will need your pals neck, chest, and back measurements (in inches) and color selection.
  • Prices vary based on the measurements provided, as a Great Dane is going to need a little more material than a Chihuahua ($30-$70).
  • We are only shipping within the US currently, with a flat shipping rate of $5 per order.

If you are interested, you can fill out this form (Ordering and Inquiry Form) and expect a  surprise in the mail within 2-weeks of your confirmed order date.

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