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Newsphotography: Exposed


Discover and Explore Photography from a Newsperson's Perspective

PCC Community Education


    Bonus Class CD!                 


All Class Members receive this FREE Photo CD including: Legendary and Contemporary Master's Photographic Portfolios; Audio/Visual Photographer Interviews; Art Photography Work Samples; War Stories Audio Commentaries; and the Iraq War Photo Essay Editing Project.                                  

 Class Field Trip/Assignments/Projects:

                                    NE's 2006 Winter Term Class experienced the excitement of covering Men's and Women's College Basketball at the PCC/Clackamas Community College Doubleheader in February. Class Members Matthew Ginn(left photo)and Andrew Lee(right photo)effectively captured the emotions of PCC Men's Head Coach Wayne Mendezona reacting to his team's 66-69 loss. A Field Trip to photograph a Feature, News, or Sporting Event is scheduled during every class term.

 About the Course and the Instructor:                   


Newsphotography:Exposed offers a comprehensive examination of photojournalistic practices and principles including: essential photographic processes and the elements of composition and design; news-photo classifications and definitions; basic location and studio portrait lighting techniques; strategies for effective coverage of feature, news, and sporting events; and creative film and picture editing approaches and tactics.

Gary Weber is a professional photojournalist with over 20 years of diverse experience. His appointments include staff photography positions with United Press International, Agence France-Presse, and The Houston Post, and he has also served as a Team Photographer for the Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Brewers major league sports franchises. More recently, Weber has worked as an Information Services Photographer for Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Transportation.         


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