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Electronics for Inventors: Microcontrollers and Soldering

Learn to tinker and bring your inventions to life! Using Arduino platform, you’ll get an intro into prototyping, designing circuits and programming electronics to shine lights, read sensors, make sounds, move motors and respond to switches.


Starting 2017 we'll be working with the ESP8266/nodeMcu: example project

January  2018 class we'll be programming the NodeMcu in MicroPython.

Class Outline => LINK

This class puts you on the path to start inventing creations through affordable electronic microcontrollers, hackable off-the-shelf products, and “stuff” from China. It provides hands-on entry into programming and piecing together “stuff” for physical computing useful to artists, electronic hobbyists, entry engineering students, technical engineering professionals, and energy engineering technicians and hobbyists.

This is an intro to Arduino, shields, soldering, breadboards and simple programming. Arduino an easy, open-source combination of hardware and software that’s free and programmable from any type of computer. It makes it easy to use C/C++ for microcontrollers.

You’ll leave with a microcontroller reading sensors and displaying data over your phone..

Please feel free to email me with questions:

Required Supplies:

Recommended Supplies:

  • Multimeter
  • Wire strippers
  • Extension cord, laptop power supply


  • Arduino programmed NodeMcu with USB cable
  • LEDs, mosfet, solderless jumper wires, button, resistors, breadboard,

Class Outline:

  • See Links above



Other Resources
Here are some other resources for Microcontrollers, Embedded Hardware design, tinkering and the like:

Dorkbot has meetings every other week where people bring and discuss their projects without a structured format. An amazing array of people available to help you get your projects done.

Digital Classes

  • Adafruit has some classes and tutorials online
  • Instructables. Learn and share from other peoples blunders here!
  • Sparkfun has self taught classes and tutorials here developed in part by our Portlander Derek Runberg

Brick and Mortar Classes in Portland mostly

  • PNCA offers an Electronics for Artists class by famous Portlander Mark Keppinger
  • PNCA offers an advanced Arduino Class by famous Portlander Donald Delmar Davis
  • ADX sometimes offers classes at their maker space in SE Portland
  • Dorkbot sometimes offers free from time to time
  • Seattle's Metrix (maker space) has circuit church every sunday from 6pm-midnight. I highly recommend going to this if you are in Seattle. They also offer other intro to electronics courses that are probably pretty good too.

Electronic Parts and Tools Resources

  • Sparkfun. Get your proven prototyping supplies here
  • Instructables. Learn and share your inventions here
  • OSHPark. Get your locally manufactured Printed Circuit Boards here.
  • Adafruit. This is like Sparkfun but a bit more raw and generously priced gadgets
  • Dorkbot has its own list here.


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