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Instructor Information


Cara Lee
(she/her/hers or they/them/theirs)
Mathematics Faculty
Southeast Campus, SCOM 214
Portland Community College
Email: cara.lee@pcc.edu
Phone: 971-722-3773
Website: www.caraleemath.com

Please click to my main website, www.caraleemath.com. There you can see my current and projected schedule, get a feel for my teaching style and use my notes and videos. You can use these as a resource even if you are not in my section. Instructors, please feel free to email me for editable copies.

If you are registered for one of my courses I will email you a syllabus approximately one week before the term begins. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I look forward to meeting you!

Quotes from Students

“Cara empowered me! Now, when I see a super complicated math problem, I take a deep breath and go step by step. Cara is so supportive and uplifting. The best teacher I’ve ever had. Like… EVER!”
                       ~ Math 65 and 95 Student

“Before you are able to walk you must crawl. Crawling is very hard and eventually you stand up. Through your teaching I have learned to stand up and be counted. Counted among the universe in mathematics and after all isn’t that the universal language.

Thank you for teaching me the basics of this language, your kindness and support above all. Without your teachings I may have never heard the music of the universe translated through mathematics.

It’s beautiful.”
                       ~ Math 58 Student