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Welcome to my homepage!


My name is Aubrey Tobias and I have been teaching at PCC since Spring 2014. I teach various psychology courses, but most commonly Introduction to Psychology – Part 1 (PSY 201A) and Human Development (PSY 215).

In terms of my academic background, I started out at South Puget Sound Community College as a Running Start student (attending college while in high school) where I earned my Associate of Arts degree. I transferred to Eastern Washington University and declared Elementary Mathematics Education as my major with a minor in Spanish. I ended up changing my major to Psychology because I found it so interesting and working with young children felt more like babysitting than teaching. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and in Interdisciplinary Studies. For graduate school, I attended Central Washington University where I got my Master of Science in Experimental Psychology (the research side of psych) while teaching Introduction to Psychology classes for my assistantship. I enjoyed teaching psychology to adults and the rest is history.

I believe psychology is useful to everyone because it helps us better understand ourselves and others. As a teacher, I want you to be able to apply what we learn in class to your life in terms of both psychological concepts and skills like critical thinking.