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Welcome to my homepage!

Picture of Stacie WilliamsI’ve taught at PCC for about a decade now,  and I love how each term I get to learn new things from you and with you. I view the classroom as our laboratory- a place to examine ideas and try new conversational strategies. Learning, not perfection, is our aim.

I started my education at Clackamas Community College. I was a first generation college student, without a high school diploma, and uncertain about my abilities to navigate higher education or pay for it. The support, encouragement, and community that I found in community college is the reason I am here at PCC. I hope I earn the right to be your advocate and ally during your time at PCC.

Stacie trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal- Manaslu Circuit

Prior to teaching, I worked as a project manager in the Translation Services Department of a local refugee non-profit. My experience working on projects in languages and cultures that were not my own was one of the richest learning opportunities I’ve had. (It also helped me fumble my way through reading road signs when we got lost driving through Bosnia). Our experiences are learning and they are essential to our growth as communicators. If you take one of my classes, I hope that you will have an experience that will give you a new perspective and build your empathy muscles.

On a more personal note… My husband is a structural engineer, and we enjoy adventuring around the world (my favorite adventures have been: Nepal, Iceland, Turkey, Bosnia, and Switzerland). I’m also a loyal Portland Timbers supporter (RCTID!) and a Leicester City fan.