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Welcome to my homepage!

Let’s start with some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Amy’s office hours for Winter 2019?

Monday:  9:30 – 10:30 am Math Office Building 2 Room 244

2:30 – 3:30 pm SLC Building 7 Room 218

Tuesday: 10:30am – 11:30am Math Office Building 2 Room 244

11:30 am – 12:30pm Women’s Resource Center Building 7 Room 119

Thursday: 4:30pm – 5:30pm   Math Office Building 2 Room 244

Or by appointment!  To set up an appointment, send me an email and we will see what works for both of our schedules

Who is Amy Cakebread?

Amy Cakebread is so proud to be a mathematics instructor here at Portland Community College since 2010 both part-time and full-time.

What are Amy’s core beliefs about education?

Amy cares about students and their success.  She has an unshakable belief that every student can succeed.  Learning is a cooperative process where student, teacher and class work together to master the necessary concepts.

Does Amy assign and collect homework?

Yes and yes.  Every subject is different, but mathematics requires frequent practice to solidify learning and become fluent in the concepts.  In certain classes, homework will be collected every week and other classes homework will be collected with a portfolio a couple of times a term.  The class syllabus will describe how homework is handled in each course.

What does a typical class look like?

It depends on the class, but most classes begin by a quick look back at what happened last class then we jump into new material.  Students work in groups for the entire class.  On any given day, we could be playing a game, doing an activity, debriefing a video, covering a lecture through discussion, taking a quiz or an exam.

Does Amy flip her classes?

Flipping a class means that students do the lecture at home while watching a video then come into class and do an activity and their homework.  Amy does not flip her entire class all term, but we will do an occasional flipped lesson.

How long should you expect to do work for a class outside of class?

PCC guidelines recommend students set aside 2 hours of study time for every 1 hour of class time.  This means that a typical class that meets twice a week, you should expect to spend a little over 8 hours a week outside class.

What should students do during study time?

Read the sections from the text and take notes, complete homework, meet with Amy during office hours, review/revise quizzes/exams, meet in a study group, go to the tutoring center, watch videos, and meet with a private tutor (if needed).

Do students need to attend classes?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  Please expect to come to class on time, stay engaged in the learning process until the end of class.  Coming in late, leaving early, and missing class will impact your learning and then your grade.

What is in the class syllabus?

Everything.  Seriously, everything.  Think of this as a contract between instructor and student.  Every policy is in the syllabus and it is absolutely essential that students thoroughly read this document as the information contained within pertains to every student in the class.

Does Amy use an online homework system?

Not at this time.  But, she’s looking into incorporating one into her courses.  She would really enjoy talking with students about the pros and cons of online homework in office hours.

Where is Amy’s office desk located?

In Rock Creek Campus in Building 2 Room 244.

What degrees does Amy have?

Amy started her education at PCC in MTH 20.  But, Amy has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Portland State University, a Master of Arts in Teaching from University of Portland, and a Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics from Portland State University.

What experience does Amy have?

In addition to teaching college level mathematics, Amy had the pleasure to teach high school in Oregon for 7 years.  She has also had teaching experiences in Kindergarten, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth.

Is Cakebread a real name?