┬íHola! I’m Adrienne Middleton, but you can call me Profe.

Photo of AdrienneI’ve been teaching Spanish for over 20 years now and about 15 of those at PCC. My primary campus is SE (when we’re in person) but I’ve also taught at Cascade. I started teaching at PSU while working toward a master’s degree and haven’t stopped since. I love teaching and helping my students meet their goals, whether that’s becoming highly proficient in Spanish or simply completing their credential. My class is student-centered and interactive. I strive to get to know each of you and maintain an atmosphere in which you feel at ease. I encourage you to be brave with the language and expect to make lots of mistakes. Since we all have something to learn from each other and teach each other, let’s work together to be patient, kind and flexible during this tumultuous and challenging time.

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