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Kim Janik is a PT Faculty for the Computer Science Department.  She holds a MS in Computer Engineering from Portland State University.  Kim has a diverse background in both hardware and software design experience including motherboard and system design as well as tool design, validation and test automation. 

Okay, yes, she also teaches the "Zombie Apocalypse" course series.  Her qualifications include her interest and experience in emergency preparedness, first aid, CPR, wild plants, mycology, entomophagy, hiking, fishing, canning, self-defense and her ability to overplan anything.

Classes I Teach:


Links I Like:

  • Dilbert - Frightening insight into the world of real engineers
  • xkcd - A funny webcomic for the geeky
  • ThinkGeek - geeky toys for all ages
  • CDC - Zombie Preparedness


Contact kim by emailing her at


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  Fall 2016 Course No.   Course Title Section
      Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workshop 43675

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