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Chatbots and AI-Generated Content

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Explore ChatGPT and other Large Language Models such as Bard and Bing, and how to guide content through requests (prompts). Also review AI-generated content applications. Discuss the future and ethics of LLMs and AI-generated content.

Experiment with LLMs and AI-generated content via hands-on activities and explore the applications of these technologies. Through lectures, discussions, and case studies, develop critical thinking on the topics and investigate ethical considerations. Explore the impact of these technologies on various fields including translation, graphics and music.

List of classes for 9COM616S Chatbots and AI-Generated Content
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14672RemoteNot applicable
from 6:30 to 7:50pm

From February 6 through February 27, 2024
Instructor: Ric B Stephens
Tuition: $79 Fees: $0
Notes: Add footnote: More info: www.pcc.edu/staff/ric-stephens

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