Planning guide for Fire Protection

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This planning guide shows the upcoming schedule for online classes. Use this guide to map out your online classes for future terms. Need help planning classes? Meet with an academic advisor.

More classes and locations will be available when the class schedule is published. See publication dates in the Academic Calendar. For a complete list of classes, see the current class schedule.

Planning guide information for Fire Protection
Course number Course title Current online classes Planned online classes
Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2021
FP 101 Principles of Emergency Services
FP 121 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FP 122 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
FP 130 Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply
FP 137 Fire Protection Systems
FP 166 Bldg Const for Fire Protection
FP 170 Intro to Tactics & Strategy view FP 170 in the Fall 2020 schedule
FP 200 Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator I
FP 207 Fire Service Based EMS FP 207 will be offered in Winter 2021.
FP 210 Multicultural Strategies for Firefighters
FP 212 Fire Investigation (Cause Determination)
FP 214 Occupational Safety & Health for the Fire Science view FP 214 in the Fall 2020 schedule
FP 273 Fire Service Human Resource Management view FP 273 in the Fall 2020 schedule
FP 274 Introduction to Fire and Emergency Administration
FP 275 Community and Government Relations
FP 291 Fire Codes and Related Ordinances
FP 295 Major Emergency Tactics/Strategy