Enjoy an amazing travel experience with opportunities to discover the beauty and history of the world in which we live. We offer educationally oriented travel that combines discovery, learning, and adventure.

Informational Sessions: Each trip will either have a virtual info session or an in-person session. If you are interested in attending a virtual info session, please email cedtravel@pcc.edu or call 971-722- 5303 and we will send you the time and date once it is scheduled. Not all tours have in-person sessions, but for all that do the details will be found listed under the respective tour.

If there is a specific travel destination that you are interested in but is not listed, please reach out. We will happily assist with individual or group tour reservations and information for options available from the excellent providers that we work with.

For additional information please email us at CEDtravel@pcc.edu or visit pcc.edu/community/travel

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