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Computer Skills and Technology

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Creating Digital Photo Scrapbooks
Creating Google Slides
Google Drive, Docs and Apps
Drone Photography and Videography
Drone Pilot Basics
Video Editing: Introduction
A+ Cert Prep Level 1
Understanding the Cloud

Digital Devices

Accounting and Spreadsheets

Learning To Use a Spreadsheet
QuickBooks 2018: Level 1
QuickBooks Online: Level 1
QuickBooks 2019: Level 1

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

Digital Illustration with Photoshop
Photoshop CC: Level 1
InDesign CC: Level 1

MS Office 2019/Office 365 Value Suite

Classes will extend beyond the value suite end date.

MS Excel 2019/Office 365: Level 1
MS Word 2019/Office 365 Level 1
MS PowerPoint 2019/ Office 365 Level 1
Microsoft office 2019/365 Value Suite

Mac/Apple Fundamentals

Mac Tips and Tricks
Photos for Mac

Microsoft Office

Basics of Using Microsoft Excel
Basics of Using Microsoft Word
Create Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint
MS Access 2019/Office 365 Level 1

PC Computer Fundamentals

PC Computer Basics
Keyboarding for PC


Programming in Python
Python Data Analysis Introduction
C# Programming Level 1
C++ for the Absolute Beginner
Java Programming Level 1
Network and + Cert Prep
Python 3 Programming
SQL Level 1
SQL Level 2

Web Design and Development

Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business!
How To Create Your Artist Website
Creating Web Pages
Creating WordPress Websites
CSS and XHTML: Level 1
PHP and MySQL: Level 1

1-On-1 Computer Instruction

1-On-1 Computer Instruction: 3 Session Package
1-On-1 Computer Instruction: 5 Session Package
1-on-1 Computer Instruction: 10 session package