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Exercise Science

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For Physical Education classes please see the Physical Education and Dance program later in this schedule.

Information Session attendance and advising required for students planning to enroll in the Exercise Science Program. Math 20, Reading 115, and Writing 115 or higher placement scores are required prior to admittance to the Exercise Science Program. Program applications and Information Session dates, times, and locations are available online: www.pcc.edu/programs/exercise-science/.

FT 100
Emergency Response for Fitness
FT 101
Exploring Ex Sci Careers
FT 105
Exercise Prescription
FT 107
Exercise Physiology
FT 110
Injury Prevention & Management
FT 120
Foundations of Yoga Instruct
FT 131
Struct & Function Human Body
FT 180
Exercise Science Intern Prep
FT 280
Exercise Science Internship I
FT 280B
Exercise Science Internship II
FT 280L
Ex Science Leadership Exp
FT 280T
Phys Activity Teaching Exp
FT 280Y
Yoga Teacher Practicum
FT 299
EXS Professional Project
PE 282B
Pro Act: Older Adult Fitness
PE 283
Pro Act: Mind-Body Disciplines
PE 287
Pro Act: Aquatics
PE 288
Pro Act: Team Sports Training