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Microelectronics Technology

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This is a list of courses offered by the Microelectronics Technology (MT) department during the current/upcoming term; it is not a list of courses Microelectronics students should take. Contact an MT advisor for help selecting the courses you should register for. Note that classes have limited space so you should register as soon as possible. See the registration page for registration dates.

MT 101
Intro to Semiconductor Manuf
MT 102
Intro to Semiconductor Dev
MT 103
Intro to Micro and Nano Proc
MT 106
Math for Mechatronics
MT 107
Math for Microelectronics
MT 111A
DC and AC Electronics Intro
MT 112A
DC and AC Electronics
MT 121A
Digital Electronics Intro
MT 150
Hand Tools for Mech. Assembly
MT 199
Assembly of Mechanical Syst. I
MT 227
Process Equipment II
MT 240
RF Plasma Systems