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Landscape Technology

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PCC's Landscape Technology Department has been training landscape and horticultural professionals for over 35 years.

Students can earn an AAS degree in: Landscape Technology, Landscape Design, Environmental Landscape Management Technology, or complete various classes in less than one year to earn a Landscape Technology Entry Level Certificate or Landscape Services Technician Certificate.

Students can prepare for the State of Oregon Landscape Contractors Exam and the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Certification.

CSS 200
Soils and Plant Nutrition
HOR 227
Plant Materials - Evergreens
HOR 291
Landscape Design III
LAT 104
LAT 109
Plant Propagation
LAT 115
Tool and Equipment
LAT 240
Tree Care
LAT 243
Landscape Business Operations
LAT 264
Landscape Estimating & Bidding
LAT 271
Computer Aided Landscape Desig
LAT 272
Sustainable Landscaping
LAT 115A
Tools and Equipment Seminar
LAT 237B
Landscape Prob Solving-Winter

Cooperative Education

Students registering for cooperative education must have departmental approval. Contact DeAnne Hardy (dhardy@pcc.edu, 971.722.7325) prior to registering for these classes.

LAT 280A
CE: Landscape
LAT 280C
CE: Landscape Design