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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice graduates work in a municipal, county, state, or federal law enforcement agency or correction system. Other positions requiring law enforcement training are available at all levels in government and in private industry. Students may work toward the Associate of Applied Science degree or the Juvenile Corrections Certificate. Students are accepted each term after meeting certain requirements.

CJA 100
Professions in Crim. Justice
CJA 101
Cultural Diversity in CJ Prof
CJA 111
Intro Crim Just Sys - Police
CJA 112
Intro Crim Just Sys - Courts
CJA 113
Intro to CJS- Corrections
CJA 114
Intro. to Juvenile Process
CJA 210
Arrest, Search & Seizure
CJA 211
Civil Liability in CJ
CJA 212
Criminal Law
CJA 215
Forensic Sci & Criminalistics
CJA 217
Interviewing & Interrogation
CJA 220
Mental Health & the Law
CJA 225
Individual Rights and Police
CJA 230
Police Report Writing
CJA 244
Tact. Comm. Crisis Incidents
CJA 246
Fish and Wildlife Enforcement
CJA 250
Human Trafficking
CJA 265
Community Reentry Offenders
CJA 280A
CE: Criminal Justice

Cooperative Education

To register please contact Tanya Maldonado (971-722-5290 or tmaldona@pcc.edu). Students must complete all paperwork with Tanya by the second Friday of the term.

CJA 280A
CE: Criminal Justice