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Small Business Development

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The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides training and educational programs for business owners. For information, visit our website at www.OregonSBDC.org or contact the SBDC at sbdc@pcc.edu or call 971-722-5080.

How to Work with the Oregon SBDC PCC

Start your entrepreneurial journey at our website: www.OregonSBDC.org, and you are on your way!

The first step on your path: attending our Introduction to SBDC Orientation.

Our Intro to SBDC Orientation is designed to quickly and succinctly give you the information you need to know to access our many services. You'll hear about what we do, what we offer, what you can expect of us, and what we'll expect of you. We will help you assess your level of readiness and direct you toward the services available that meet you where you are so you can hit the ground running. After hearing the information you can decide which of our services can best serve you and your business needs.

Reserve your seat in an upcoming session by registering at our website:

OregonSBDC.org and choosing Portland from the Classes tab at the top.

Introduction to SBDC Orientation and Business Advising

Starting a New Business

Start Your Business on the Right Path

Make sure you set your business up for success by crafting a solid plan of action with courses designed to help you refine your idea(s). Then explore our Business Builders courses to ensure your business has a stable foundation from which to grow.

Refining Your Business Idea:

Want to start a business, but have no idea where to begin? At the PCC SBDC, we'll work with you to develop a plan of action so you can launch your business successfully.

Building Your Business Courses:

You've developed your plan and are open for business. Now what? These courses give you the tools to navigate the early stages of your new business.

Business Builders courses are right for you if:

-- You have started your business, but are making no money.

-- A lot of different ideas are still being ironed out. New business ideas may be popping up.

-- There isn't enough money to pay you or any employee a full salary or wages.

Business Design Series (BDS)
Business Builders

Managing Your Established Business

Grow with the Right People & Strategies

Your business is growing, and you need to hire the right employees, develop a management culture, and stabilize cash flow. Small business management courses at PCC SBDC can help reduce your growing pains. These courses are perfect for you if:

-- You have a business that generates revenue regularly to support employees.

-- You are hiring or need to hire employees, sometimes quickly.

-- Managing your cash flow is becoming more challenging.

Innovate Your Business to Stay Competitive

You have developed a company that operates well on a day-to-day basis. Systems have been created, cash flow issues have reduced, and a productive team has been hired. So, what’s next? Now it's time to stay on top of your game, and continue to innovate and expand into new markets.

Our maturing business courses are a great fit if:

-- You're looking to expand your business through new product or service lines, or by selling to new markets.

-- You want to develop a company culture that recruits and keeps top talent.

-- You need to increase your competitiveness in the market.

Advanced Small Business Management

Getting Your Recipe to Market

Learn how to produce, promote, and sell your recipe.

Have your friends or family ever told you should sell your special sauce, cookies, or other culinary creation?

Do you get excited at the idea of walking through your grocery store and seeing your product on the shelf?

Are you ready to start getting your recipe on grocery shelves? But you have no idea where to begin?

There are many things to consider when starting a food product business: packaging, labeling, marketing, costs, and more.

Imagine starting a food business with confidence, knowing you have thought through all the steps necessary to launch into the marketplace.

Getting Your Recipe to Market is a unique, 14-week intensive program that will help you take your idea to commercial-ready food product. We've partnered with food industry experts, OSU's Food Innovation Center, and New Seasons Market to take you step-by-step to produce, promote, and sell your product.


For those doing business in the Global Marketplace or wishing to expand into new markets.

Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Exam Prep