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Automotive Service Technology

Campus contacts

New Student Advising: www.pcc.edu/programs/auto-service/orientation.html or contact stedman.bailey@pcc.edu.

Current Student Advising: Russ Jones 971-722-4173

Automobile Donation Information: Bart Ouchida 971-722-4884

Automotive Repair Concerns: 971-722-4150

This program is offered on a modular basis. Each module runs three weeks. Students attend class five hours a day, Monday through Friday. All new students are required to meet with a program advisor. All classes require department permission.

Module 1: January 9 - Feb 1

AM 100
Intro to Automotive Systems
AM 151
AM 163
Advanced Electrical/Electronic
AM 181
Engine Performance I
AM 131
Manual Drive Train and Axles
AM 201
Auto Shop Lab I

Module 2: Feb 3 - Feb 27

AM 161
Electrical Systems I
AM 141
Suspension and Steering
AM 182
Engine Performance II
AM 121
Automatic Transmission/Transax
AM 202
Auto Shop Lab II
AM 171
Heating & Air Conditioning Sys

Module 3: Mar 1 - Mar 23

AM 162
Electrical Systems II
AM 142
Adv. Susp, Steering & Brakes
AM 111
Engine Repair
AM 183
Engine Performance III
AM 132
Advanced Automatic and Manual
AM 203
Auto Shop Lab III
AM 192
Vehicle Electrification Tech

Cooperative Education

AM 280A
CE: Automotive Service