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Business and Technical Writing

WR 227
Technical/Profession WR 1

Creative Writing

WR 240
Creative Writing (Nonfiction)
WR 241
Creative Writing (Fiction)
WR 242
Creative Writing (Poetry)
WR 243
Creative Wr (Script Wr)
WR 244
Adv Creative Writing - Fiction
WR 245
Adv Creative Writing - Poetry
WR 247
Adv Creative Scriptwriting
WR 248
Adv Creative Writing-Nonfict

Integrated Reading and Writing

IRW 115
Intro Reading & Composition
IRW 90
Found Reading & Composition

Transfer Writing Courses

WR 115
Intro to College Composition
WR 121
College Composition
WR 121H
English Composition: Honors
WR 122
Intermediate College Comp
WR 180
Composition Conf & Tutoring
WR 198
Independent Study in Writing
WR 222
Writing Research Papers


A reading and writing placement test is required for initial placement. Contact the testing center.

WR 105
Writing for Scholarships
WR 90
Writing 90

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