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The MM Program is designed to provide a broad overview of the skills required for employment in the creative services industry. Note: MM students must have strong Mac or Windows computer skills. If you have questions about a waitlist or you would like an override, email multimedia@pcc.edu or call 971.722.5332. For more information on the program see the MM website www.pcc.edu/programs/multimedia/

MM 110
Introduction to Multimedia
MM 120
Multimedia Design
MM 130
MM Graphic Video & Audio Prod
MM 140
Multimedia Authoring I
MM 146
Directing Actors for Recording
MM 150
MM Proj Review,Test & Delivery
MM 160
Market Yourself as MM Profess
MM 199U
MM 199W
DIY Video
MM 220
Multimedia Design II
MM 221
Game Level Design
MM 230
Graphics for Multimedia
MM 232
3D Modeling & Animation
MM 235
Digital Video Edit/Production
MM 237
Video Compositing and Effects
MM 239
Digital Video Edit/PostProd II
MM 242
Immersive Tech: Intro to Unity
MM 246
Post-Production Sound
MM 248
AR/VR Fundamentals & Develop I
MM 250
Adv MM Project Development I
MM 254
Character Rigging & Animation
MM 260
Video Production I
MM 262
Video Production III
MM 270
Writing for Multimedia
MM 275
Music Video Production
MM 280
CE: Work Experienc/Multimedia

Cooperative Education

MM 280
CE: Work Experienc/Multimedia