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Medical Assisting

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Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians and other health practitioners running smoothly. Assistants work directly with patients, in small and large healthcare settings, to ensure they receive the best care, while providing health professionals with vital patient information. PCC's Medical Assisting program is an accredited one-year certificate program, offered at both Cascade and Willow Creek campuses, that provides students the skills and training required to sit for the national AAMA certification exam.

The program is limited to students officially accepted into the program, after all requirements are met. Please visit the MA program website, www.pcc.edu/ma for more information, requirements, orientation dates and application process.

MA 112
Med Office Assistant Seminar I
MA 117
Med Office Admin Procedures
MA 118
Med Office Admin Proc (Lab)
MA 120
Intro to Clinical Phlebotomy
MA 131
Intro to Medical Science
MA 132
Med Office Assistant Sem III
MA 180
Coding and Reimbursement
MA 199C
Clinical Practicum
MA 270
Clinical Practicum