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Visual Arts

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Calligraphy: All Levels
Felting for Stop Motion Characters

Architectural and Art History

Art Hour: Chicago Galleries
Art Hour: New York Galleries
Art Hour: Portland Galleries
The Personal is Political: Art and Social Justice


First class is mandatory for all new and returning students.

Ceramics: Introduction to Hand Building
Ceramics: Hand Building Projects At Home
Ceramics Hand Building: Intermediate


Drawing: Beginning
Traditional Drawing
Ink Drawing with Watercolor Washes
Large-Scale Drawing
Movement's Echo: Drawing, Creativity, and Yoga
Comics: Writing and Drawing Short Stories
Drawing Absolute Beginner

Drawing: Comics and Illustration

Comics: Writing and Drawing Short Stories
Nonfiction Considerations in Graphic Novels and Comics


Jewelry Beginning Metalwork 1 At Home
Jewelry Beginning Metalwork 2 At Home

Mixed Media

Collage From Your Junk Drawer
Contemporary Painting and Drawing Strategies
Creativity on the Page: Writing Meets Art
Mixed Media Calligraphy Workshop
Mixed Media: Practicing Creative Thinking


Abstract Painting: Artists and Techniques
Abstract Expressionist Painting
Cubism And Fractured Images In Abstract Painting
Easing Into Abstract Painting
Painting: Abstract Landscapes

Painting: Acrylics and Oils

Painting: Acrylics and Oils
Intermediate Acrylic and Oil Painting
Classical Oil Painting: Water
Classical Oil Painting: Sky

Painting: Watercolor

Watercolor for Beginners
Watercolor: Beyond the Basics