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Building Construction Technology

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This is a list of courses offered by the Building Construction Technology (BCT) department during the current/upcoming term. It is not an advising tool, and it is not a complete list of courses BCT students should take. Students should contact BCT advisor Suzanne Najafdari (Suzanne.najafdari@pcc.edu) or a faculty member for help selecting the courses you should register for. Please be advised that classes have limited space so students should always register as soon as possible. See the registration page for registration dates.

ARCH 110
Intro to Architectural Drawing
BCT 104
Construction Math
BCT 118
Planning and Design
BCT 199R
Chief Architect for Remodelers
BCT 199T
Introduction to Tool Safety
BCT 204B
Const. Estimating-Residential
BCT 206
Sustainable Const. Practices
BCT 208
Intro to Lean for Constructors

Design/Build Remodeling Option

BCT 117
Graphic Comm. for Contractors

Construction Management

BCT 100
Overview of Construction
BCT 130
Construction Safety
BCT 133
Commercial Materials & Methods
BCT 136
Commercial Building Codes
BCT 207
Construction Job Costing
BCT 221
Construction Law f/Contractor
BCT 225
Construct Project Management

Cooperative Education

Students registering for cooperative education must have departmental approval. All students must contact Coop Ed faculty member Shannon Baird at shannon.baird@pcc.edu for approval prior to registration.

BCT 280A
CE: Building Construction