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Prerequisites for Literature courses are WR 115 and RD 115, or IRW 115, or placement into WR 121 is required to take Literature classes. Contact the testing center for information on placement testing.

ENG 104
Intro to Literature (Fiction)
ENG 105
Intro to Literature (Plays)
ENG 106
Intro to Literature (Poetry)
ENG 107
Intro to World Lit (Early)
ENG 196
Film Studies: Directors
ENG 205
Survey of English Literature
ENG 240
Intro to Native American Lit
ENG 250
Intro to Folklore & Mythology
ENG 261
Literature of Science Fiction

English Skill Building

Sylvania College Success Skills, 971-722-4540 (Lab); 971-722-4563 (Lab Faculty)

ALC 50
English Skills Lab - 0 credits
ALC 51
English Skills Lab - 1 credit
ALC 52
English Skills Lab - 2 credits