Addiction Counseling

Campus Contacts

Addiction counselors work in treatment settings to professionally help chemically dependent clients. The Addiction Counseling Program helps prepare students for the Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor examination.

Restricted admission courses are limited to students officially accepted into the program, after all requirements are met. Please visit the AD program website, for more information, requirements, orientation dates and application process.

AD Open Courses

The following classes are open to the general public and students who are considering applying for the Addiction Counseling program.

AD 101
AD 102
Drug Use and Addiction
AD 104
Multicultural Counseling
AD 107
Addiction Recovery Mentor
AD 108
Adolescence and Addiction
AD 153
Theories of Counseling
AD 156
Prof Ethics Issues Counseling
AD 160
Basic Counseling
AD 184
Men & Addiction

AD Restricted Admission Courses

The following courses are only open to students officially admitted into the Addiction Counseling Program and space is limited. Please contact the AD Advisor with any questions 971-722-5427.

AD 255
Multiple Diagnoses
AD 270A
Practicum: Addiction
AD 270B
Practicum: Addiction- Seminar