CLIMB: Professional Development

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You must follow the PCC Continuing Education drop policy. CEU credits will not be awarded for courses that are not successfully completed.

Essential Skills

CEU 3386
Powerful Communication Skills
CEU 3399
Time Management
CEU 3436
Project Mgmt. Fundamentals
CEU 3471
Intermediate Project Mgmt
CEU 3548
CEU 3578
Leadership Skills
CEU 3579
Problem Solving & Dec Making
CEU 3764
Change Management Leadership
CEU 3875
CEU 3913
Effect Behav Intv Strat
CEU 3914
Transgend Emp Incl Wrkplc
CEU 3923
Equity-Informed Buisiness Dev
CEU 904S
Conflict Resolution -Difficult
CEU 930B
Change Management Fundamentals
CEU 9856
Supervision Series

Real Estate

CEU 3672
Property Manager License Educa
CEU 3673
Broker Pre-License Education