Cooking Gnocchi: Hands-on
Introduction to Water-bath Canning: Hands-on
Tasty Tamales
Artisan Bread Muffin/Rolls: Hands On
Artisan Bread Baking: Sourdough 2
A World of Meatballs
Tapas from the South of Spain
Wine Pairing for Vegetarian Dishes
Oh! Sweet! Pairing Wine with Dessert
Debunking Wine Myths
French Flare
Become a Wine Snob
Winemaker Dinner and Lecture
Beer and Chocolate Pairing
Restaurant Favorite Soups
Chocolate Valentine's Tasting: Melt into the Experience

African Cuisine

Ethiopian Cuisine: Introduction
Ethiopian Cuisine: Meat and Veggie

Artisan Bread Baking

Sourdough Bread Series
Artisan Bread Baking: Introduction to Sourdough
Artisan Bread Baking: French Bread
Artisan Bread Baking: English Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls

Asian Cuisine

Yakimono: Grilling Japanese Style

Butchering for the Home Chef

Lamb: Complete Fabrication and Cooking Recommendations
Pig: Complete Fabrication and Recipes

Coffee Tasting

Home Coffee Brewing
Coffee Tasting: Journey Around the World
Ins and Outs of Green Coffee Buying
Coffee Roasting: Hands on

Conscientious Butchery and Meat Preservation

European Cuisine

Balkan Cuisine

Exploring Vegan Cuisine

Vegan Cuisine: Getting Started

Food Fermentation

The Art of Making Kombucha
Mozzarella Cheese Making
Old School Sauerkraut Demonstration
Let's Make Kimchi

Food Preservation

Water Bath Canning: Introduction

Fundamental Techniques

Latin American Cuisine

Classic Mexican Soups
Mexican Brunch



Students must be 21 years old or older to participate in classes serving alcohol.

Wine Pairing

Discover how food can alter your experience of a wine. Students must be 21 years old or older to participate in classes serving alcohol.

The Magic of Wine and Chocolate
Turn Hate to Great!
Cold Weather Warmers