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Medical Laboratory Technicians perform clinical laboratory testing on various body specimens in such areas as: Hematology, Serology, Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, and Blood Bank. PCC's Medical Laboratory Technology program offers a two-year course of study, leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree and eligibility for national certification.

The program is limited to students officially accepted into the program, after all requirements are met. Please visit the MLT program website, www.pcc.edu/programs/mlt for more information, requirements, orientation dates and application process.

MLT Open Courses

The following classes are open to the general public and students who are considering applying for the Medical Laboratory Technology program.

MLT 110
Medical Lab Technology Intro

MLT Restricted Admission Courses

The following courses are only open to students officially admitted into the Medical Laboratory Technology program.

MLT 225
Clinical Chemistry II
MLT 242
Immunohematology II
MLT 252
Hematology II
MLT 262
Clinical Bacteriology II
MLT 274
Clinical Laboratory Prac IV
MLT 283
Clinical Seminar II