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All Apprenticeship classes are open enrollment and open to the general public. Successful completion of Apprenticeship course alone, does not allow a student to take a state examination and gain a license for a journey-level card. In order to qualify for Oregon State license or journeyman exam, completion of both OJT and RT hours are required as outlined by the specific trade JATC. Additional Apprenticeship electives may be referenced on each programs JATC Approved Electices Lists and found throughout this schedule. For OAR compliance, Apprentices MUST choose a letter bearing grade for credit classes. Information about Trade specific degrees is also available. For more information on Apprenticeships please attend an orientation on the 1st Tuesday of every month from 12:00-1:00PM at the PCC Swan Island Trades Center, STC 120. Text books for these classes are at the Cascade Campus Bookstore.

APR 200
Trades Preparation
CEU 925P
Coyne 1st Aid/CPR for Trades
CEU 3168
Forklift, Safety & Code
APR 164
Ind Blprints & Sche for Trades
APR 162
Calculations for the Trades
APR 272
Machining for Industrial Maint
APR 103
LME: AC Motors & Transformers
APR 203
LME: Electrical Code-Level II
APR 123
AC Theory/Motors/Transformers
APR 126
Elec. Systems Install per NEC
APR 226
Electrical Code - Level III
APR 201
Electrical Motor Controls
APR 131
Refrigeration I
APR 132
Refrigeration II
APR 133
Refrigeration III